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Anxiety and Gratitude

I was struggling a bit yesterday with anxiety and the weight of responsibility, when God reminded me that in order to be fit and able I need to be exercised, lift weights to become stronger and to trust Him more and me less!

Life as a Christian is not a smooth ride.

Anxiety and gratitude go hand in hand.  E.g a woman goes to the doctor because of a lump in her breast – which causes anxiety, worry, stress etc.  When she finds out that the lump is nothing, benign or whatever the gratitude is intense.  You wouldn’t have experienced gratitude without the anxiety of not knowing!

It’s a matter of perspective – nothing has really changed, but the anxiety has taught you that what you once took for granted is now a wonderful gift.

It’s the hard stuff of life that teaches you perspective – nothing gives you better perspective than tough times.

Muscles need resistance, faith needs resistance.  ………..


God bless you all this week as you remember his goodness to us all – Psalm 136