Life Membership

Life Membership of The Girls’ Brigade NSW is awarded to ladies who have retired from active service in recognition of their significant contribution to the organisation.

The Eligibility for Life Membership:  

  • The application is nominated by a minimum of two people; 
  • The application has a minimum of two letters of recommendation; 
  • The nominee has made a significant contribution to The Girls’ Brigade NSW; and 
  • The nominee must meet one of the following two criteria: 
  1. Has served in a company leadership role for more than 10 years and has served in a role above company level, or  
  2. Has served in a company leadership role for more than 15 years.  

Life Membership should not be considered as a competitive matter and nominees are to be considered individually on their personal attributes and achievements and not in comparison with others. 

For more information or the form to nominate a Life Member, please contact the NSW Office via email [email protected]