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Chaplain’s Chat – 2nd Feb 2023

Use of our time - Girls' Brigade AustraliaUse of Our Time
I’m a big fan of clocks – particularly round, wooden frames with Roman numerals. You will find a clock in every room of my home (and the ticking ones that I find soothing, drive two of my sisters crazy). Have you noticed how few clocks are seen around these days? In fact, in more recent times, until fitness bands and digital enhanced ‘smart’ watches made an appearance, very few people wore watches, and were depending on looking at the time on their phones.

I’ve often wondered why clocks are important to me, but don’t seem to come up with an answer. I grew up with the principle – that if you were less than 30 minutes early for an event – you were late. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) I don’t live by that rule, and even with all the clocks at home I can still be late!!!!

A quick search in Bible Gateway we find that the word ‘time’ appears 888 times in the NIV translation and 1136 in the CEV.  Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 alone uses the word 29 times (NIV).

Our sense of time and God’s is different,  (see Psalm 90:4), yet it is a dimension that has been given to us to be used wisely. How do we best use our time? This year we will consider what it means to rise in strength, in God’s time schedule and with God’s help and guidance. May each moment be filled with awe and wonder, seeing God at work. Amen!