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Foundations is the starting point in Pioneer Leadership Training. In this module, girls explore the big picture of Girls’ Brigade, while practicing how to plan and lead aspects of a Company night. They are also given the opportunity to practice their new skills in their own Company and meet with a mentor to explore what it means to be an effective leader.

The word ‘leadership’ is often used in our society, yet what makes a good and effective leader? In this module, we explore what it means to be a leader and how a girl’s unique abilities can shape the type of leader she will become. We take time to reflect on how God has shaped each of us and how we can best serve Girls’ Brigade and the community around us.

Working effectively in teams is essential in so many areas of our lives. This module helps girls to have a better understanding of how we can effectively lead a team, while also considering the different support roles we can play as our team strives to reach a goal. As part of this module, girls will take part in a Company meeting to practice the skills that they have learned.

As we explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus, we see that so much of Jesus’ work was out in the community. He met with people, healed people and changed people’s lives in the streets, market places and homes. In this module, we will explore what it means to be a part of a community, how people in the past have made a positive impact in their own community and what God might be calling us to do. As part of this module girls will have the opportunity to participate in a community activity.

Great events can be fun, exciting and even life-changing and something that everyone wants to be a part. All good events require strong planning and preparation. In this module, girls will explore the power of an event to make a positive impact on people’s lives, while also learning and practicing the essential skills to plan an event from idea to implementation. They will have the opportunity to plan a real-life Company event and put their plan into action.

Deep is the final module in Pioneer Leadership Training and allows each girl the opportunity to reflect and celebrate the person God has created them to be. In this module, each girl is given the time and space to consider what it means to worship God, how God has crafted them and how they might lead others in exploring faith. They will also have the opportunity to mark the end of your Pioneer Leadership Training with a celebration meal.

The ‘Foundations’ course must be completed first, while the ‘Deep’ course is to be completed last. The other courses (Lead, Team, Community and Events) can be attended in any order.

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