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Chaplain’s Chat 20th July 2023

Over the weekend I went searching for some photos that my grandfather had taken. (They are actually in the form of slides for those who remember such things!). What I was looking for were photos of the Sydney Opera House being built. He was an engineer and I suspect had a different perspective on this incredible construction feat (which celebrates its 50th birthday in Oct 2023).
Girls' Brigade Australia - generation buildersAlong side those photos that I found were also pictures of trips my grandparents had done in the early 1960’s. Interestingly, on one occasion, they happen to have visited the same place in the USA where I studied 30 years later. I never knew that until this weekend, yet I felt a strong connection to them, a different time yet the same place.
Made me appreciate, again, the legacy, impact and influence my grandparents had, and continue to have, on my life. Although I did not really get to know them till my late teens, and then bid them both farewell when I was 23, there is still a knowledge of their presence in my life. The greatest being their prayers and encouragement in being a follower of Jesus and serving those who came into my life. That I believe is such a gift from God. They were following the example of Paul investing in Timothy and celebrating the influence of his grandmother and mother. 1 Timothy 1:2-7.
Not all can say they have had that kind of influence growing up, but I believe that we can all commit to strive to be such an influence on the generations who follow.
Who do you specifically pray for? Family members? Friends? Those in Girls’ Brigade? Praying that they will experience all that God has to offer them?
That’s why I love Psalm 145, celebrating how great God is and passing on that information to the next generation. Same with Psalm 78:5-7. It is a privilege and big responsibility to invest in the next generations. Praise God for Girls’ Brigade that gives us that opportunity.

Blessings to all.