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Chaplain’s Chat – 2nd March 2023

Girls' Brigade Australia - celebrating LentAre you part of a denomination that has a focus on Lent leading up tp Easter? If so, I admire you. Following that part of the church calendar was not part of my growing up. I did however become aware of it in my early 20’s and over the many years since then, I have been privileged to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the discipline, the form of denial, and a deeper awareness of sacrifice. Using material, based on Scripture, prepared by fellow sojourners of the faith, takes me along a new journey to deepen my own faith.
And for some reason, I’m always surprised at how much I learn from reading what could be termed as very familiar biblical accounts of Jesus’ life. At times it has me enthralled, and then unsettles my comfortable thinking, to challenge me to re evaluate what it means to be a follower of Jesus.
The road to the cross was not an easy path, yet Jesus chose to obey, and make that journey, for you, for me – that we might become co-heirs with Son of God, in all that God has to offer.
I encourage you to re-read the accounts of Jesus’ life – especially the week leading up to that first Easter, and to sit and listen for God to show you something new, to go deeper, and then to share that experience with another.