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Girls’ Brigade Photography Challange 2022

Girls' Brigade Australia - Rise in Strength 2022In conjunction with World Photography Day (Aug 19th), Girls’ Brigade Australia has instigated a Photography challenge along the international 2022 theme – RISE IN STRENGTH.

There are many ways God has enabled us to Rise in Strength.
Can you think of a way to creatively capture the this with your camera?

A selection of photos will be displayed via Girls’ Brigade Australia social media channels during World Photography Day, 19th August 2022, and be used to promote Girls’ Brigade.


Theme: Rise in Strength (Isaiah 40)

Dates: The Challenge closes on 31st July 2022

Photos can picture anything that is relevant to the theme, in the context of Girls’ Brigade – Company nights, PLTs, Camps- or elsewhere – anything that depicts the theme Rise in Strength.

Photos will be showcased during World Photography Day 19th August 2022 and be used to promote Girls’ Brigade in Australia.

Please ensure that all photos submitted have written permission to be shared on websites and social media if they contain identifiable people. (Check with your captain/team leader/state office if you can’t access something like Operoo to confirm permission status).

Terms and Conditions:

Challengers need to answer all the questions and upload their photo via Forms. (Contact the office for details).

Photos to be uploaded using a Girls’ Brigade Australia email address – if you require an email address, please contact [email protected]

Photos can be submitted by an individual or a group.

Only one photo per submission – for each photo a new form must be submitted.

Photos should be uploaded as full resolution images (minimum file size 1MB). Either portrait or landscape is okay. Please refrain from editing or including watermarks. Acceptable file types: .jpeg or .png

Please ensure, if your photos feature people, that you have their permission to take their photo, and they are aware their photo is being used in a Girls’ Brigade Australia Photo Challenge.