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On Board: Amanda Cain

Amanda Cain

Name: Amanda Cain (VIC)

Portfolio: Mission and Advocacy

Amanda started GB in Year 10 and has gone on to achieve Pioneer Pin and QA. She has been involved and elected to Company (Led all groups), Regional (Deputy and Divisional Commissioner) and State Positions (Deputy and State Commissioner and PLT Facilitator). She is still active at a company level and enjoys interacting with the girls.  Her passion is that, through GB, we empower girls to see their worth, to discover their identity and to challenge them to uncover their talents and abilities so they can use them to serve.

Her day time job is being a Team Leader of a Customer Service Team at Kincrome where she has been for 12 years. She is the favourite Auntie to a 5 year old niece (who can’t wait to do GB with her Auntie!) and an 18 month old nephew. Besides GB, her hobbies are board games, reading, cooking, watching TV and the AFL (Hawks of course), movies, catching up and hanging out with friends and family, serving others and seeing where she can make a difference. Her least favourite thing to do is housework.

Currently a board member, and serving on the Fonomarae 2020 committee and a Company Junior Leader

What inspired her to start with Girls’ Brigade?: She was invited by a friend to GB and never looked back.  She immediately felt like she belonged and enjoyed being able to grow in leadership skills through PLT training and becoming a leader.

What colour do you prefer – Fuschia or Aqua?: I really like the Aqua colour in our branding and marketing.

What is your hometown, and why do you feel like that is your hometown?: I have always lived in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.