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So who wants to go to an AGM, anyway?

Girls' BRigade Australia AGM 2022For anyone involved in a not-for-profit, the opportunity to attend an AGM comes around very frequently – every year, in fact!
But why do we want to go to an AGM? They are boring/dull/useless… aren’t they?

They certainly can be, but they should not be. An AGM is a time to CELEBRATE the successes of the previous year and dream about the next; to thank those who have served so tirelessly, those paid AND unpaid, and to welcome those who will begin new service.

Girls’ Brigade Australia celebrated its AGM on Saturday 26th March. Like lots of meetings in the last 2 years, it was conducted online, but we were still able to celebrate that we are still financial; but best of all to celebrate the stories of girls and women’s lives transformed. Read the full Annual report here:2021_GBA_Annual_Report 2021_web

There are plenty of other opportunities to celebrate this year. Bring it on!
South Australia – 2nd April
Victoria – 2nd April
Australian Capital Territory – 30th April
New South Wales – 21st May
Queensland – 26th August
Western Australia – 5th November
Tasmania – 28th January 2023