About Us


Girls’ Brigade is a Non-Profit Organisation (NFP), and we keep our fees as low as we can to ensure no girl misses out because her family can’t afford the cost.

There are three (3) components to the ANNUAL Girls’ Brigade fee that families pay at a Girls’ Brigade Group level for a year of Girls’ Brigade:

  • The Girls’ Brigade Australia fee: $60.80 per YEAR. This component goes to Girls’ Brigade Australia, and pays for things like insurance, training and resources for the volunteer leaders. $1.80 of this component also supports the work of The Girls’ Brigade Pacific Fellowship, to which Australia belongs, and 30c to Girls’ Brigade Worldwide.
  • The Girls’ Brigade State fee: this annual fee varies from state to state. The captain/team leader will be able to tell you how much it is.
  • The Company/Group Fee: this also varies depending on the company/group. This component pays for things like resources for the girls’ achievements (paint, craft activities, cooking ingredients etc.). All Girls’ Brigade companies/groups meet in church buildings, so a small part of this component may go to the church to pay for photocopying and other support services the church may assist with.
  • Extra-curricular/ extraordinary activities can include: excursions, overnight stays, camps etc.. These activities are all optional and usually come at an extra cost. 

Most Girls’ Brigade companies/groups have ANNUAL fees (which includes all 3 components above) of $200 or less. At $200/year, that works out to less than a cuppa per week*! That is amazing value. Compare this is $15+ per HOUR for music lessons, to $200 PER TERM for some sporting activities, and Girls’ Brigade is a very affordable activity! 

Girls’ Brigade is a uniformed organisation. The Uniform for girls consists of a pink polo-shirt and navy blue sash. The girls may wear any dark coloured pants/skirts/skorts/shorts with the polo-shirt and sash. Volunteer leaders where a navy polo-shirt.

  • Uniform details can be found at our shop. Some companies/groups may have 2nd hand uniform for sale. Ask the captain/senior leader.

*This is calculated on a 36 week year, equalling $5.55 per week.