About Us

The Girls’ Brigade Program

The vision of the Girls’ Brigade is to see girls lives transformed and God’s world enriched. As this vision is realised across Australia, we see our girls developing into young women with a growing Christian faith who are actively using their God given gifts and talents in their churches and communities. Some of our girls will continue to be actively involved in Girls’ Brigade as an adult in front line leadership or support roles and some will move on to dedicate their lives to God in other areas. We pray all girls who have been involved in Girls’ Brigade will look back on their experience with fondness and gratitude.

Any girl is welcomed to Girls’ Brigade regardless of her family background or personal history. Many girls today come to us with a turbulent past: whether it is a broken home, emotional baggage, learning difficulties or behavioural problems. Through her time in Girls’ Brigade a girl will discover how she can live through life’s challenges with Christ at her side.

When we asked parents why they send their daughters to Girls’ Brigade this was the response:

·         Teaching of Christian values
·         Social opportunities
·         A safe, loving, nurturing community environment with good role models
·         Lots of different, fun activities
·         A place where girls can have fun with friends
·         Sense of belonging to a group

Therefore, our Companies / Groups need to be places where girls:

·         Grow in faith
·         Discover how to develop healthy and positive relationships
·         Feel safe, are nurtured and are encouraged to try new things and take risks
·         Are equipped for life
·         Have fun with their friends

Girls’ Brigade Australia supports its Companies/Groups by:

·         Providing girls with opportunities for development beyond the local Company.
·         Developing guidelines to help Leaders work effectively with their girls.
·         Providing relevant training to new and existing Leaders.

We know we are succeeding when we see girls leaving Girls’ Brigade:

·         Having a clear understanding of the role Jesus can play in their life.
·         Having strong and positive relationships with others.
·         Being confident in who they are in Christ.
·         Knowing how to live a healthy and joyful life.
·         Knowing their strengths and being passionate about them.
·         Being equipped with skills for life.

Find out more about the program framework here.