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Chaplain’s Chat 8th June 2023

Trivia and all that Stuff

Recently I hosted a Trivia Night, which included putting together the 85 questions (seven rounds of 10 questions and a 15 question Kahoot). Half way through the night as I was giving the answers and talking through some of them I realised that these questions actually told a lot about me and my interests. Even though I tried to keep my audience in mind (with an age range of 3 to 90) most of the questions still reflected more about me. Now I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not. And I wonder if confessing it is a good idea or not.Loved by God

It did however get me thinking later about three things:

  1. How much of what I say or do tells people about me? Do they know my priorities, my values, my desires, my faults? Do I reflect the life of Jesus that I think I do or want to show? Am I consistent with what I believe reflects the life of a follower of Jesus?
  2. Although people around me may not know everything about me – God does. God knows all about me, my interests, my thoughts, my actions, my desire, my faults. And I find that quite reassuring – knowing that God cares and that I am much loved daughter of the Creator.
  3. When I think about the life of Jesus here on earth – his life was a testimony of who God is. He taught and showed God’s priorities, values, desires. To become immersed in that through the reading of Scripture, to be in daily communication through prayer, to be open to the Holy Spirit’s leading, helps me come closer to understanding point 2 better and sets me on a path to live more of point 1 that I desire.

No one is perfect, and I definitely do not claim to have achieved even a fraction of this high calling of being a follower of Jesus, but I pray that we may all set our sights on Jesus, the perfecter of our lives, to seek, serve and follow him. Our lives are not trivia to God – we matter. May we grow in our understanding of what that truly means to live lives that reflect the transformation taking place.

From Paul’s letter to the believers in Colossi,  “…may (you) live a life worthy of the Lord and please him in every way“. Read Colossians 1:3-14 
Blessings to you all.