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ON BOARD: Cheryl

Cheryl delights in exploring creative ways to go deeper into understanding the precious gift of a personal relationship with God. With a pastoral and educational background, Cheryl has been involved in many types of ministry and vocational endeavours.


Her interests include: family and friends, travel (particularly to the USA), guitar playing and singing, learning the ukulele and trumpet, public speaking, swimming, movies (at the cinema or DVD), reading John Grisham novels, exploring how to care for the ‘soul’, working with her hands, networking, and whatever takes her fancy any particular day.


As chaplain of her local company for over 15 years, State Chaplain for NSW (1998-204) and currently the National Chaplain for GB Australia since 2018, Cheryl has been a part of GB (though sometimes an observer) since her own early days as a cadet and journeyed with many to see God’s transforming process in action.


Sharing her home with her much loved 15 year old, mischievous, Labradoodle dog, Cheryl is based in Sydney Australia.