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On Board: Marian Ashford

Portfolio:  National Commissioner

She’s one of those leaders who started because of her daughters back in 1998 as a Captain because her daughter came to her in tears “they’re going to close Girls’ Brigade because they can’t get a captain Mum”.  Marian had been praying for sometime for a worthwhile thing to do with her time now everyone was at school – God obliged and he confirmed the ‘feelings’ as only God knows how to do!

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?  Probably, entering the Masters Basketball competition.  Unfortunately the youngest member on our team was a feisty 32 while the rest of us were over 40 so we had to be in the under 40’s!  We got smashed and felt it for weeks!

List two items you take with you to the beach and why.  Shade in the form of a hat and a shirt and some footwear to get back to civilisation – the road is often too hot to walk on!

Do you prefer Fuschia or Aqua?  – A tricky one – I can’t really wear fuschia but I think the girls look great when you’re out and about, so I like aqua cause it suits me better.

What is your hometown, and why do you feel like that is your hometown?  Canberra is definitely my hometown – we’ve lived in Ottawa-Canada, Sydney and the Blue Mountains but we keep coming ‘home’