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Here is the 2020 timetable for Training. This includes Pioneer Leadership Training, Leaders Intensive Training, Leaders Professional Development Training day and First aid Course.

Take note of these dates in your calendar now and more information will be provided closer to the delivery dates.

Please be advise that the Leaders Intensive Training, that would have been held on the 28th March 2020, has now changed to a 5 week Online Leaders Training, starting from 2nd April 2020. To register  click on the following link:–cAxKkVNB9WnRimtZWEBLrPbIfdBLHQRUOFNaOU5IOFM5QU9NUFczMk1HVTBMNllJWi4u


For more information regarding Training, please contact the Training Coordinator

(Please take note that these dates may have subject to changed.)