Pioneer Training

Pioneer Leadership Training weekends are run throughout the year.

2023 Pioneer Leadership Training timetable.

Pioneer Leadership Training – Foundations, Community & Deep courses.

If you have any Pioneer girls interested in attending Pioneer Leadership Training.  Western group will be running Pioneer Leadership Training courses – Foundations, Community & Deep.

Date: 28th to 30th April

Location: Wagga Wagga

FOUNDATIONS – aims to give girls a strong foundation in Girls’ Brigade as an organisation and the role that they have within it. Girls will develop an understanding of the core values and mission of Girls’ Brigade, while practicing leadership skills. This a highly practical course that develops participants skills around organising an event

COMMUNITY – aims to provide opportunities for girls to interact meaningful with their community and reflect on their experience, making links with their leadership within Girls’ Brigade and their faith.

DEEP – aims to introduce girls to different ways to worship and provide space for deeper exploration of their own worship and faith.

To find out more, please email Julie [email protected] or Jayne [email protected]



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