Queens Award

Queens Award – The International Award

The Queen’s Award/The International Award is the highest award to be obtained in The Girls’ Brigade. It is designed to encourage girls and young women to a personal commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ, while respecting other faiths; inspiring them to greater endeavour in service within the general community and to make a contribution to the worldwide concept of The Girls’ Brigade.


Girls may commence in the calendar year in which they turn 15. The Final Interview/Assessment cannot be taken before the year of the girl’s 17th birthday, or after the year of the girl’s 25th birthday.


Hold the Pioneer Pin at the time of Assessment, earn GB Award for at least three (3) years in the Pioneer Unit.


  • Initial Interview
  • Voluntary Service
  • Company Service
  • Church Involvement
  • Two Initiative Tasks
  • Personal Challenge

For further information please contact the NSW Queens Award Coordinator, via email. [email protected]

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