About Us

We desire to see the girls grow in all areas of their life; physically, educationally, socially and spiritually. Our programme offers a variety of challenging and exciting activities which are Biblically based and culturally relevant. Our Leaders provide a safe and encouraging environment in which to explore these areas.

Girls’ Brigade companies are found in many different countries around the world and are divided into different fellowships based on geographical location; Pacific, Carribbean Americas, European, Asia and African. Whilst Girls’ Brigade companies come in all different shapes and sizes, no matter the location or structure the unifying aim remains the same.

Girls’ Brigade exists “to help girls become followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and through self-control, reverence and a sense of responsibility to find true enrichment of life”. Our vision is to see girls come into a relationship with a living God and to be able to actively and enthusiastically express their love for God and others through their communities. Girls learn to live out our motto which is “Seek, Serve and Follow Christ”

A Girls’ Brigade company is divided into four age groups and is for girls from Kindergarten to age 21. These groups foster all important relationships between peers and leaders and enable aged appropriate activities and discussions. These groups, coupled with the weekly activities, camps and outings, assist in developing social and life skills, a personal faith and help girls create long lasting friendships.

Cadets – Kindergarten to Year 2

Juniors – Year 3 to Year 5

Seniors – Year 6 to Year 8

Pioneers – Year 9 to 21 years

Young Leaders – 18+

The Girls’ Brigade Crest is our International unifying symbol, worn as part of the uniform all around the world. In the Centre a CROSS, the symbol of Christ and His Church, below it a LAMP, that our light may shine out upon the world; above it a CROWN, that we may know Christ as our King; and behind it all a TORCH, a flame of Christ’s loving Spirit.


Our uniform provides a smart appearance, a sense of responsibility and belonging, helps create discipline and poise; promotes pride in the organisation and brings Girls’ Brigade to the attention of the general public. Girls’ Brigade offers three styles of uniform to ensure it meets the needs of families, Churches and the community, while still meeting its own objectives.