Technology Resources

  • Pete’s PowerPoint Station has a wonderful treasure trove of information. There are games, puzzles, movies and much more. It will take time to find stuff but it is worthwhile. When you click a square you will be given links to go to.
  • EBible Teacher has lots of stuff to look through. There are free Power Points for Bible stories. Some of them are simply drawings put into Power Point format but are useful. Take your time and see what you can use. There are some great graphics to use for Bible stories.
  • Vicki Blackwell has heaps of links to many Power Point games and presentations.
  • Gospel Hall is fantastic – it gives you heaps of downloads for games, lessons and Power Points. One to put in your favourites.
  • The Calvary Baptist Church website has some great online games on it for use at Brigade.
  • Primary Resources has lots of great technological resources for understanding Christianity.


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