Girls’ Brigade has programs written catering for each age bracket of a girls development and interest.

To support these programs you may find the links below helpful.


Activities to support during COVID-19


  • Good resources and links to others at Messy Church
  • SGM Lifewords is all about getting the bible into the hands of those who would never normally encounter it. SGM Lifewords
  • Good website with community resources, templates for promotional material, Grants and Fundraising and lots more. This site helps non-for-profit organisation. Our Community
  • A excellent website that has daily articles, reviews & videos for Christian Teens, also with resources which link popular cultural with Christian belief. Fervr
  • This Website has Free kid’s ministry and Sunday School Resources. Jesus without language
  • STEKO professional development course will explore ways to implement the STEKO programme effectively both through the delivery of the content and the design of the teaching and learning activities. STEKO Information or more info at STEKO
  • Intergenerate Australia is about a mission to support Intergenerational Faith Communities. This site has Helpful Resources, Webinars and Events. Check out the website Intergenerate Australia
  • Grow Ministries supports and equip congregations to move from isolated programs for children and young people to an intergenerational ministry culture. Grow Ministries provide programs and Resources.





Technology Resources

  • EBible Teacher has lots of stuff to look through. There are free Power Points for Bible stories. Some of them are simply drawings put into Power Point format but are useful. Take your time and see what you can use. There are some great graphics to use for Bible stories.
  • Gospel Hall is fantastic – it gives you heaps of downloads for games, lessons and Power Points. One to put in your favourites.
  • Primary Resources has lots of great technological resources for understanding Christianity.

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